Music plays a huge part in my life, an acquaintance made friendship no doubt shared with many. I was brought up listening to Yanni, The beach boys,  Enya, and a eclectic amalgamation of world music and folk. My mother, Vicki; has been a lover of music and musician her whole life. I remember the first time I really heard her play she was jamming out on stage at a school fair, her voice ringing off the walls of the valley. I was proud to say: "that's my mum". Since then My mother has always been a great influence and critique of both my music in what I create and what I listen to. From early days with violin and recorder to the middle ground of Piano and now to Guitar and ukulele, composing and writing. Hahaha sometimes it's difficult to listen to her because in my heart I know she's right.

My father was also in a band in his youth, although he must be interrogated heavily to squeeze any details out of him. He's always excited about me with music and is a great supporter.

Lately I've been writing alot and just playing around with guitar and piano. But most recently I've paused the whole "solo" thing and started jamming with alot of people. It's been a great learning curve and has been the catalyst for the framework of a band being constructed. There are 5 of us, we play blues, folk and a couple jazz numbers. Playing with people is such a rewarding experience, and these particular people especially, because we all sing, we all write and we all play an instrument. Making this particular venture a colourful one. We'll be performing in a week and are currently trying to find a name that sticks...suggestions are welcome!


We just made a band!

It's called Patchwork Cavalcade!



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