Living, Make your own way.

A good sleep, An early rise with or before the sun, Meditate, tea and a possible piece of fruit, exercise, Yoga, shower, breakfast.

I believe having some sort of routine is good, but things that stay routine become mundane. Routine can bring discipline and once it's there, then spontaneity should take the place of routine. If the surf is good, surf, no need to sip tea or go for a run. The weather, your mood and your body should realise your day.

Having spent the last four years living on the road. I've come to recognise a need for self sustainability on the run.

  These are some items I need to Keep me going:

- Tent (MSR Hubba Hubba - extremely lightweight 3 season tent for two people, incase you've got company or alternatively your gear on rainy days in the squamish valley)

- Rain Gear (Arcteryx Alpha SV, for severe conditions in the mountains or swampy skid sin the lowlands. Also a solid pair of ryan pants)

- Base Layers (Icebreaker, and Mountain designs merino base layers, they require less washing, and keep you warmer than anything, even when wet.)

-  Jackets (Wool sweaters, that are both lightweight and warm are good insulators. Complete the layered feeling with An 850 fill down vest and a North face down jacket for extra warmth in the alpine - so long as the down is kept dry)

- Wool Socks - A large assortment of vibrantly coloured wool socks, the crazier the better.

- Wool top hat - my flare.

- Sleeping mat - a half size inflatable thermarest, keeps my head to my thighs comfortable at nights, super lightweight and rolls into nothing.

- sleeping bag - a Kelty, super light 3 season down sleeping bag, good down to -11C but has kept me warm down to -20C. Packs to the size of a softball. I also use a thermolite bag liner for easy washability and a few degrees of extra warmth.)

- Guitalele - Music on the go, allows you to jam with whoever wherever, play some hawaiian classics or  flamenco with this versatile traveller friendly instrument; don't forget a capo for other people to use when you jam.)

- I pod +I home, for those long bus rides or time spent in a tent when the weather wants to give you some solace from everything. Chill in it.

- Macbook Air, Small lightweight and everything I need for organising the next leg of the journey, writing and keeping in touch with friends and family.

- Drawing book, doubling as my journal and sketchbook, keeps me busy and my walking documented.

- A birthday gift for a friend back home.

- Things that keep me stoked.
    - climbing shoes and chalk bag
    - Surfboard bag with 2 Alaia surfboards "uncle George" and "poi" both fairly recent constructions which have been tested in waters all around the world.

- A camera- for documenting those finer moments, I just have a point and shoot compact digital, it's light and does everything I need it to. it's a pentax Optio 80. It's waterproof, childproof, shockproof crushproof and Tylerproof).

- Shoes, 2 pairs. 1 pair of casual around the block Volleys and a pair of Merril Trail glove's for long hikes and comfort. I don't wear shoes often so mainly these just allow me to enter shops when need be.)

- A Stove for cooking on the cheap, cutlery includes a spoon and a set of chopsticks, a couple small puts and pans plus due bottle)

- A swiss army knife and whistle for emergencies.

- Some rope (Bear hangs etc)

- toiletries with a hip flask and set of playing cards.


At the moment I'll be travelling a little heavier than normal, right now I've got everything in 2 backpacks and then my large double board bag.