Thursday, 31 March 2011

Footprint Foundations.

Aloha my name is Tyler or Nakoa, I've been swimming around since february 1991. I started my life in the waters of Oahu and later migrated on to the northern beaches of sydney where I have based myself out of for a number of years. In 1998 something impacted me which has set me on the course I'm still on, I saw the cover of the November edition of National geographic magazine, it pictured Laird hamilton on what looked to be a 60 foot wave at Peahi, in Maui. Since then I have travelled to many places searching for big waves to challenge myself on. My first taste of some bigger seas was on the 28th of March 2006, i was 16 at the time and the east coast of aus was playing host to some swell from cyclone wati as it travelled south. Most of the swell hit during the week when I should have been at school but my mum wrote a few notes in to my teachers saying I wouldn't be attending due to a "nature experience". We got four solid days of swell, enough to wet my appetite for things to come.

I finished Highschool in Sydney at a Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner school and watched as my peers went off into their chosen fields of study, university, tafe, tech schools. None really suited me, so I decided to take a wander and find some new eyes for the world.

 I left australia in January 2009, since then many things have happened; this is a diary of the time between, the dots between the connections...

Photo taken at tamarama, for smh. ~ Cyclone wati.

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