Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Wading through the shallows, I made it greener on all sides...

Today I journeyed up the Kalang river to help a friend with an invasive grass species which was spreading across her property. The grass is called Bahia and is easily recognised from it's "Y" shaped Stem and many black seeds which hang on to it tightly. The river winds for over 15 km of switchbacks, my car took it pole pole, but I see more this way. as we headed up river the jungle grew thicker until finally I stopped at what I supposed was my friends driveway. Leaving the car at the top of the driveway I headed down to where the driveway crossed the river and slowly waded across. Memories of the trips I'd take out to Tuumaini (the orphanage) in Arusha Tanzania, came back as the stream we had to cross everyday there was of similar size to this one.

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