Sunday, 1 January 2012

Coastal Wanderings.

Winding my way down the coast, I feel as a free as a dolphin; I departed Bellingen early on the morning of the 30th, the skies were a cloudy purple as I drove through the early hours of the morning racing the rising sun to my first stop, Bar Beach, Newcastle. I was due to see a friend who I love to share a smile or a laugh with. I arrived at the beach at 9:30 am parking at Dixon park and playing ukulele out of the back of my car; as I watched the wind push the clouds from the horizon up against the dunes below and above me. We've been having a rather persistent south easterly for the last few days and it showed no signs of relenting on this fresh morning.
  I've met many people on my travels and each one was completely an individual of their own making, walking there own path; it is rarer however to find those few amazing people who have wide enough eyes to see others on their path and respect them for the footsteps they take. No one way is better than another because none lead to a better place, it's all in every footstep nothing lives outside the moment. The friend I was due to meet is one of those rare people.

 A great day spent in the sun, ending with perfection.