Sunday, 15 January 2012

Life into Literature.

I was moved yesterday, both physically and psychologically by water. The Pisces submerged on a plank, with the first duck dive; energy and happiness manufacturing stoke in my limbs. three hours past of perfect conditions. Nothing else mattered, laughing at mistakes and smiling at my fortune for having everything I have. I'm still unreasonably happy. I stopped to take a break and brought my smile and stoke to shore, Sat and drank a macchiato at a small caffe with a grin from ear to ear, warm in the serenity of it all. The caffeine hit and I had to head back out, a new spot, the same board, the same toothy grin on my face and the same pure love for a way of life which has given me so much. Mahalo nui loa Kai.

The day wound down the light making waves through the sky as it touched and melted on the ground.