Thursday, 5 January 2012

soil and earth, changing states.

Morning! Some mornings seem to find me in a much more alert state than others, this was a sluggish morning. Starring at a flower for a few minutes seem to have adverse affects on my level of consciousness. Exercises, slow and struggling with a sweet tooth for distraction. Leaving the house at 10 minutes past 8, I decided to stop at Vintage for a quick macciato to release me from my blanket wrapped stupor. Sophie and Elise were there serving people with a freshness and a smile which I apparently could only buy at the cost of $3.00. The macchiato was perfect, and I downed it while reading a section of an ancient book; titled Grimness and optimism. Rising to thank them I smiled. Caffine, a short time blessing, a long time curse. Feeling like the world (or at least the day) was my oyster I jumped into my car and sailed off to Northfarm. Working in the soil, with green growing rooted beings; has an adaptation for soothing the soul. For the next 7 hours I uprooted, planted and protected these beings, none of which said a word, judged or belittled me for being who I am. The sky opened and closed like the eyelids of the apparent "watch" dog; each time my skin feeling the effects of the weather's whims.

 Afternoon! I left the farm for grass which could only be greener on the other side...Everything is what you make of it.