Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Roaming Apr 2012 - december 2013...The process of booking while keeping your freedom.

A new day and a new trip.

Apr -  Fly from Sydney to Honolulu 
          Spend some time on oahu then head over to maui and surf the tail end of the winter swell. See my godfather and friends.
Mid Apr -  Fly to Vancouver, working at Camp summit Outdoor Education Centre  with a bunch of humorous dooleys for nearly 7 months. 

Late Oct -  Fly to toronto then down to patagonia, working for 4 or 5 months with a conservationist group. Exploring one of the last wild places on earth, surfing some clean unimpeded and uncrowded swell. Meeting people who have learned to love the land and protect it.

From here onwards it's all sort of conjecture and supposition...If I get to caught up in the future I won't enjoy what I'm doing right now...sitting in the grass as rain clouds gather, feeling the prickliness of the green blades against my bare feet and legs.

March 2013 - South africa, surfing with friends,

Mar-Apr 2013 travel from south africa to Saudi Arabia...the means is still being's a lot of ground to cover...

Mid Apr - London and then Norway, to be more detailed a small town called Hammerfest to see the northern lights. 

Late Apr - Trans mongolian Railway from St Petersburg through russia, mongolia and into China. Arriving in Beijing 3 weeks later...

Mid May - working and learning at a school in china perhaps for 6 months...Shaolin monks probably have a few things to tell me...I know I have a lot to listen to.

Oct 2013 - backpacking, through souther china, nepal, tibet and bhutan, everest base camp; climb some mountains and record the stories of the local people. Take in the culture with every breath,

Dec 2013 - Head in a southerly direction, backpack right though india, learning from sages and Yogis along the way. 

end of Jan 2014 - fly to Sri Lanka, Surfing for 3 weeks.

end of Feb 2014 - Perhaps spend 4 weeks or so in Thailand... who knows...