Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Something that keeps you going, the lack of this can make any given task difficult.
Such a hole was found in my energy today whilst working 15 something kilometres up the Kalang valley. My job, to cut out every seed head for 5 different grasses, not too bad...the fact that the area I had to do this over was a large paddock...kinda disheartening. Realising that I could only see half the paddock and that it measured nearly 5 acres? my initial optimism drained from my arms with every glance at the expanse of green in front of me.

The remedy: Humour, you develop some sort of humour when you've lost all hope, it's almost a delirious mixture of crazed mumbling and rather energetic gestures that don't further you in any way. Regardless it shed some light on the quintessential lesson. Laughter liberates the soul...whatever that is; I ended up having a hilariously stupid afternoon but enjoyed it. I've cut out roughly 700 seed heads, each containing over a hundred seeds. and I've covered roughly 1/200th of the paddock. good riddance.