Friday, 6 April 2012

A smile in Kihei.

After a day of surfing, I just found myself sitting in a starbucks cafe with wifi in Kihei, sipping on a macchiato that cost me 78 cents and was actually worth it haha. The girl behind me in line was quite striking; a deep stare that seemed to question your security.  I ordered and smiled at her because I took forever finding the three penny's it took to make my 78 cents. She returned it, thankfully as her gaze was getting a little intense. I returned to my seat with my coffee and sat back to continue writing. The girl stood there, at the cash register in front of the guy taking orders and just stared at him. She paused the room with her odd behaviour 5, 6, 7, seconds past. She then asked the register attendant "Could you please smile? Smile, then ask what I'd like to order." The guy at the register looked puzzled but plastered a part smile part sneer on his face. The girl then continued on and said, "the more you smile the more I'll tip". A broader grin creeped across his mug.
  He took her order and apologised, saying that he was tired and that it had been a long day. She nodded and said, "I know, but this will make it go quicker." "What will? This conversation?" the employee asked. "No, hahaha smiling" the girl replied, grabbed her coffee and yelled out " Have a beautifully abnormal day everybody. Keep smiling'". She walked to the door manoeuvred it open with her foot and was gone.

 A stranger with a thousand yard gaze made me smile today, in a starbucks in Kihei. What do the wanderings of life bring you?

Below are some photos from surfing honolua Bay on a miniature day as well as some pictures from a afternoon of meditation and music deep inside Iao valley.

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