Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Spring Mornings.

I woke up this morning in Canada, in a cabin, in the woods, the sky is grey and much of the world continues to slumber as I slip into my boots and trudge off through the cold wet earth, a new day.
I find myself missing some beautiful people from australia, memories of an old life put on hold. A life of a guitar, a surfboard and a car. Lost with the most incredible strangers and found amongst the firmest of friends. There are some people whom I've met in the last few months, or have known for a while and have visited, they know who they are. Thank you for opening my eyes. The distance between us is no barrier for the smile that still graces my sleepy morning face. My Aumakua, the wind, touches my face, I trudge on, a new morning, a new day.

Spring Afternoons.

Spent this afternoon with a bunch of cool people, a pebbled bank and the same strong breeze giving out kite wings, our fire flames and our music Legs.