Monday, 18 June 2012


I'm not alone, below are some snapshots of a pack of wolves that have been sharing the space beneath the mountain with me.

It was been a while since I last scripted my thoughts, many things have happened. I've been finding solace in the meditation of finding and doing exactly what I want. Wolves finding me in the morning, running barefoot along a pebbled beach, skipping stones; staring skyward, searching for where this existence is heading. On one hand I feel very close to the people I work with; but on the other, I couldn't feel more detached form everything, form this world of routine, of regulations, rules and guidelines. The wolves hold my spontaneity, clutched between bared teeth; the river holds my vitality swept off to the sea, which I so long for, the mountains guard my stillness anchored in a day dream of frozen wastelands. I hold but one iota, just one single droplet of everything I am, found in the spaces my feet take me; away, away from realms of comfort and shadows.

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