Saturday, 13 October 2012

morning mist, warm smiles, coffee and strangers turned old friends

Sitting here in a warm place, peering out through blankets of rain at mist shrouded mountains. I find myself flicking through the pages of my drawing book and sketching a landscape that sends whispers of the coast to my hungry ears, like the lyrics of sea shells.

 A smile from a girl I hadn't seen in over two years, averting my gaze from the mountains in the real world and the charcoal ocean of my created one. We both recognise each other from times long past, talking stories like we'd never parted. Surfing tales of warmer places always ending with how we wound up exactly where we are here, now.

 Life trends for the circle, allowing it's cliental to revisit warm people every once and a while, each time presenting themselves differently and hopefully with a little more kindness, kindness exhibited by that first smile, a smile to interrupt this warm place, peering out once more through blankets of rain at mist shrouded mountains, still caught harmoniously by that smile.

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