Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Sitting in Toronto airport for the last 14 hours has been an interesting experience, I spent a good measure of time sleeping on the floor, then noticing how empty the gate was that I had been sleeping in was, I decided to play some music, my noise attracted a few nice flight attendants who took my ragged garb and upturned top hat as a sign for busking, between them they gave me enough money to buy lunch. I was excited to find a fresh delhi where I could build my own gourmet sandwich, after getting food poisoning in taipei right before a 13 hour flight; I've become somewhat conscious of what I intake before being confined in tight spaces thirty thousand feet above sea level. After a good hour of playing music, I decided to do some journal writing, gazing out a frosted window at the rain painted tarmac. Beautiful people from foreign shores, sending me messages allowing the time to go quickly with a huge smile form ear to ear. Magnificent people in faraway places, keeping me warm with good vibes amongst this maze of bleached corridors and venal chairs.

Mahalo to you my friend.

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