Friday, 23 November 2012

10:00pm, 9th november 2012

My lunch in the shelter of the refugio was well timed, allowing me to miss the most intense part of the storm. The walk here (where I am now), was beautiful, passing by 2 large lakes: Pehoe and Sckothsberg. The wind was fierce, although not as bad as 2 nights ago. The last leg of today took about 2 hours; I decided to go at a slightly slower pace, due to it being the first time I've walked with other humans! Kindred spirits, we walked as a fellowship of five., through wicker forests of chrcoal and bleached bone, through frozen tundra, the snow melting as it hit my lips moistening them against the cold dry air. The wind at our backs bearing us onward to deliver me lightly right here.

I put my tent up quickly as for it to remain dry against the smatterings of snow. After getting my home all set, I went about preparing dinner. First, the most exciting meal I've had in days! An Orange! I found 3 at the refugio and will enjoy one per day. The orange was delicious and sweet. Dinner was another 26 cheese tortillini, except I decided to wash them down with a few cups of warm milk.

I'm now sitting, no kneeling in my tent, writing this journal entry by headlamp, it's super dark outside as    the light patterings of snow have now turned to a heavy onslaught and the wind through the trees steam trains threatening to bend the poles of my tent to the point of breaking; My little shelter of green vulnerable in the dark night on the side of this ghostly tree filled hill.

Now to huddle up in me sleeping bag and wait for sleep to take me.

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