Friday, 16 November 2012

8:19 PM Tuesday the 6th of November...this year. extract from my journal.

Two days in. Last night I was too tired to eat, I got in late from the first leg of the hike. Set up camp in the dark and woke up in the dark this morning to continue; it's been a rough 24 hours but smooth seas never made a skilled sailor, and my efforts brought me here.

I'm sitting, back against a log with my feet up, watching the sun set over the glacier. Today was a very strenuous day of hiking, made all the more arduous by my lack of food. I am hungry but I need these rations to last a long way...until I find people/civilisation again. I ate 26 tortellini for dinner, hardly sufficient for a full day of hiking in patagonia.

I can't wait for breakfast, but...I'll have to. Avena (Oats) with milk will be amazing.

I wish I could convey exactly what I'm feeling right now. Everything is so still, peaceful, tranquil, like the deep breath before the plunge. I have never seen or felt a place so rugged. This, right now, makes me think of my vision for the future...just a fleeting dream I'd like to make real one day...

The first chapter of this trek is complete having gotten through two days of of hiking with only a couple hours of sleep between, I look out with a feeling of warmth and a realisation of my place in the world.
I imagine myself staring out the window of that log cabin later in life, my brothers and sisters of this nomadic life (companions) all equal in their own way, all staring out to. Content with a life lived for the moment, turning us all into wise humorous fools.

  The sun is being swallowed by the clouds before it get's the chance to disappear of it's own accord, a large storm front is moving in, and fast.

The aim of this trip is to find myself in the mountains, a man of this moment standing in solitude against the timeless ancients of solidarity. This trip will sharpen my will, strengthen my discipline and broaden my humour.

I must now go collect water for the night and make sure my camp is storm safe. Then it will be "Gentlemen to bed" hahaha.

These short films illustrate the terrain that I covered over the last two days.

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