Saturday, 15 December 2012


A cold current this morning brought back memories of surfing the dark freezing waters of British columbia, a wild place where every surf session is a journey; from checking the forecasts in the dark to having a warm cup of tea, finding a slightly frozen wetsuit, boots, hood and gloves and throwing them in your car. Finding the wave, watching the empty waves roll in through the mist. Suiting up, in silence; too cold to speak without a stammer. Paddling out, each passing wave giving you a brain freeze as you dive into the murky depths. Finding your feet and manufacturing stoke as you draw your own lines on these empty walls. Orcas surface in the distance to remind you of your place. the waves carry you to the perfect state of content exhaustion, sliding to the shore to remove your booties only to find your toes are still there. Dry clothes, and a warm cup of tea followed by a bowl of oatmeal cooked on your whisper light stove in the back of your truck. Listening to some music in the warmth before suiting up again and repeating the whole process. It must be early afternoon now, but the sun is no where to be seen, just rain...everywhere, blanketing the dark coastline of Fur, Pine Hemlock and Cedar. The trip to town is warm and sleepy, your eyelids opening and closing in time with the wiper blades. A cheerfully lit and warm cafe awaits you with a meal known as the "big Gun", you wash the best sandwich of your life down with a big cup of chai tea and talk stories with the locals comparing the mornings triumphs. Tomorrow? you'll do it all again.

The journey makes you treasure the process; basking in the simple things, it makes us Sea worthy. The Ocean silently deserves the best in all of us. Let's continue to return it's gifts, it's simple measures of stoke by protecting it from the wheel of progress. This film will show you the love we all share for our waters and perhaps ignite the a spark needed to keep them around. We only protect those things we love, and you can't love something unless you can inherently identify with it.