Saturday, 8 March 2014

When silence is not enough. Speak. - something I wrote in collusion with Ludlum's address to Tony Abbot.

If you've ever read anything I've written, please read this...for it may have all been for nought if you don't. 
If you typically ignore my posts, be forewarned: This post contains pixilated symbols for sounds in particular arrangements to create words in a text format. Each amalgamation as difficult and stinging as it's predecessor, and it has all been done to convey something so blatantly simple as an idea.

I'm sending this to you citizens of a divided world, I'm sending this to you skeptics of australian ethics and beliefs, I'm sending this to you foreign friends and acquaintances. I'm sending this to you, to the citizens of this country who are my friends.

I'm sending this to all of you who may perhaps carry the largest burden anyone can hold for a country, who's leaders make mistakes. The burden of hope, that those mistakes will not be repeated.

I send this because I hope this speech is the most disillusioning experience of politics you ever have. A great gift, a freeing from the bars of illusion, an illusion which makes you wonder if there are any good people in the political sector who speak for change. People who call out the political and corporate elite puppets for their duplicitous and "kind of revolting" workings.

A young senator from minnesota said "Being in politics is like being a football coach. You have to be smart enough to understand the game, and dumb enough to think it's important.."
And while I agree this is definitely accurate for some of the "blundering and technically illiterate" puppets in parliament. There are others who've retained their promise to the public as our voice - this is an example of one such individual. He puts it on the line, political capital, comfort, future, his stake at this "game"; because he realises that the day he is afraid to do so, to make that sacrifice, to speak up for what is right and just, is the day he is no longer fit to speak on behalf of the children of this country, on behalf of his fellow citizens and most importantly on the behalf of the capital consumerist and corporately considered global bank which since about 1880 has been in a constant state of "Heist". (yes I'm referring to the place we live, a place where a long term deposit is a ridiculous, non-progressive, and counter-profitable idea.) Yeah, earth.

Do not fret or worry...he is not the only one. These people see politics for what it really is, and for what it can be. They understand that sometimes the illusion of the game only goes as far as you let it, and when you get to the end of your tether, you can either tie a knot and hold on…Or you can let go of this erroneous deceitful facade and say what needs to be said. This speech is an example of letting go of the game, Ludlum presents it from the eyes of a spectator for all of us who may carry the burden of hope, as an offering's okay, and this too shall pass, so I invite you to take a load off, we're not alone.
Keep thinking, keeping talking and most of all keep spreading the awareness of the "awkward" course we're being lead on; because while it must be noted that every human "can make mistakes, only an idiot persists in their error."- Cicero.

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