Thursday, 15 December 2011

Southerly with a headwind.

Every once and a while it is healthy for anyone to shake things up a little, I've been Travelling around for 3 years so I thought I'd go check out how everyone else was doing things. 2 flights later and a long bus ride and I was in Bendigo, Victoria. A small city about 2 hours northwest of Melbourne. Bendigo for being a small city is quite high energy due to it hosting 4100 Students attending the local La Trobe university campus. La Trobe is a large university with many campuses throughout victoria. The Bendigo campus is known for it's Outdoor Education program which while is one of the only ones offered in Australia is considered highly worldwide. I enrolled a few months ago to see if my experience of working in the outdoor education industry would allow me to fast track the course. I arrived quite late in Bendigo and went straight to where I would be staying an old abandoned YHA hostel that was closed and under construction, the place was eerie, long hallways with flickering lights creeky doors and no one else within ear shot.

After dropping my things off I headed into town and found a nice meal at a pizza place called CLOGS. The main city centre was quite nice, with a lake and parks as a background, the illuminated old law buildings and war memorial give the place a historical and somewhat cultured feel.

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