Sunday, 29 January 2012

Nurturing your security in the ordinary.

Sort of a spur of the moment entry, I'm sitting here in a cafe reading an old book, the cafe is hosting approximately 15 patrons, most of them conversing; there is music playing in the background, definitely audible but not so loud as shouting is needed in order to be heard.

I decide to check amy email and notice I have a message from my travel agent about my proposed dates for my next trip; quotes for the tickets are included and I feel the excitement grow as the Travel bug reminds me of it's bite. My immediate reaction is to call Alexander, one of my oldest friends and fellow supertramp and inform him of the tickets as he will be joining me for some of my wanderings. Not two minutes into the conversation and a lady sitting at the other end of a large recycled elm wood table, yells at me in a frustrated voice to keep my voice down as she is writing something. I meet her yell with a broad smile and a quick nod, but continue talking normally as otherwise my voice would be lost over the music and everyone else's ambient chatter. The lady hisses as me again, obviously extremely peeved at my ambivalence to her needs. I end the phone call and say to her; "does it scare you to disturb the Ordinary nature of your everyday? A single person speaking in  normal tone, is enough to make you sweat and fume with frustration? You must suffer endlessly; I'd feel sorry for you ma'am but there are worse things than finding a worm in your apple. Maybe if you nurtured your ability to adapt instead of resist, you'd be a happier, less sweaty and less frustrated person. Good day to you, I hope of you've smelt a wife of disillusionment, it would be a great gift for you.

 Interesting to speak up sometimes, she is writing, the music is playing and the cafe is filled with everyones chatter, Don't suffer it.

Do something different, freshen life up a little...put your jeans in the freezer...

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