Thursday, 1 March 2012

The land working with people.

The last few days have past in a whirlwind of work and surf. Alexander, an old sea brother of mine headed up for a few days of work and whatever waves we could find on the side. Spent monday exploring the coast, finding waves at a beach called Macauley's, followed by some more at Southies. The next few mornings were ignited with 5am wake ups to start work 15km up the Kalang valley by 6am. Finishing in the early afternoon so I could go lifeguard and spending the evenings swimming in rivers with good people or surfing. 

    I'd forgotten what it was like to work with someone, it was a welcomed change, having worked the fields of the kalang valley for the last 4 months by myself. We accomplished a monumental amount of work whilst laughing our heads off, delirious in the 35+ degree humid heat. 

   Alexander was due to depart this morning bound on a train southward to sydney. Habitually we rose pre dawn and got to third headland to find nothing worth floating on, so we headed to hungry head where we found some little waves and a blazing sun escaping the ocean. 

   It's friday and I'm sitting in Vintage. Having seen off Alexander, surfed and organised a budget for the time between now and when I depart for foreign shores; I can now have some moments to myself, time to relax, rejuvenate and recuperate from the busy week that was. Eyes are here and now. A grey day, with a sleepy feel about it. Drinking a coffee planning to head seaward soon, a content waterman.

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