Friday, 16 November 2012

10:00pm Wednesday the 7th November

My lunch in the shelter of my tent fly swung up between a slight overhanging cliff and a tree was well timed, I missed the storm quite well. As I headed out it began to clear.

 The walk here (where I am now) was beautiful, I made one of the passes. navigating some dodgy ledges and a lot of snow before working my way through and over the glacier stopping at a nunatak to take in the beauty and slow my heart rate. I'm glad I spent the time to talk to the guides and rangers about crossing this glacier as it is filled with transverse, and longitudinal crevasses, the few of the snow bridges I tried seemed fickle under further inspection and I decided not to risk it, trending myself to a longer way around, just below the bergschrund. In order to cross.

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