Saturday, 17 November 2012

3:42 AM thursday the 8th of November.

As you might notice by the time of this entry, something is amiss.

The night which started quietly has turned violent.

For the first time on this trip I feel unsafe. The wind a few minutes ago ripped the pegs of my vestibule out and snapped a tree near my tent.

I got out of my sleeping bag to re-peg and rock it, the moment I was out of my cocoon the elements exhibited what my thermostat could only suggest. The mercury sat at -14, the wind ran at 160km/h Laying on the cold damp ground to re peg a tent which was blowing away; my low centre of gravity making sure I didn't.

De-frosting back in my sleeping back, I'm writing this entry amidst holding the frame of this shelter together against the wind.

I look forward to sleep taking me. I hope it happens.

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