Monday, 26 November 2012

8:12 AM, 11th OF NOVEMBER 2012.

I had minimal sleep last night, due to reasons unknown. When I did sleep I was entertained by strange dreams.

My tent suffered from last nights rage of wind. One of the elastics coming through the poles may have snapped. It will need further inspection before I make any final decisions on it.
The poles themselves have worn from the weather, bent warped each with stories in their scars.

Breakfast this morning was minimal and by eating I used up the remainder of my rassions. All I have left to eat for two days is an orange some powdered milk, 6 slices of salami 4 pieces of cheese and some tortellini.

this could be interesting...

I hear the surf calling me...

I've found solace in the mountains, but my time spent amongst these giants of solidarity makes me realise my place as a being of ocean, of water.

I very much look forward to my place among the waves, my home in the sea.