Monday, 26 November 2012

E11EVEN pm.

I made it to the campsite.
 I ran what I could.
the storm was wild.
I just enjoyed the company of good people while I ate a warm meal.
The simple things keep me smiling.
I wish more people could experience the goodness and beauty of what they have.

Now in my tent, the storm has followed me here.
I find comfort in knowing I have laughed and smiled with other people who are nearby.
My time of solitude was...real; for quite a while I was the only person on this planet who knew where I was.

As this trip draws into it's closing stages I feel quite happy with what I brought. If I was to do it again I would bring more food though...Probably twice as many tortellini and oats, as well as more salami and cheese...some trail mix wouldn't go array either.

Ahh well, a life spent in hindsight is a depressing un-lived one. I'm happy to be here, to be warm and to have conquered what I set out to conquer.

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