Monday, 3 December 2012

I'm writing this to you now.

I'm writing this to you now, with no knowledge of what might perspire over the next few days; over the next few weeks or even the next few years. I wonder if this sort of sentiment is shared by many people...
Life is like a river, it keeps moving changing when it meets an obstacle it winds it's way around eventually finding the sea. We must never stop the river, plan it or change it, instead we must let the wind, the world and our footsteps dictate our next oxbow. Finding the way isn't the goal, we're on it. Whether we like current situations or not, is of little consequence, what we do about it makes all the difference. Be a writer, a physician, a builder, a lawyer, a truck driver,  homeless man, a barista, a musician, a lover, or a friend, but most of all be yourself. Say your piece and go about your way, your own way; no once else can choose your river.

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