Thursday, 14 March 2013

Honestly, is honesty only scripted these days?

Amongst the array of emails littering my inbox every once and a while something catches my eye. Last night, a video clip of a man's unobscured perception of the journey of his country from aspiring to intelligence to belittling it. It was striking, beautifully put and flawlessly scripted. I do realise however that while this speech wasn't as real as you want it to be...It did exist in a writers head and now? well now it'll be airing on the Tv show, "The Newsroom"; which is easily accessible via your remote buried somewhere in the couch halfway between the pizza crust from god knows when and an assortment of rise krispies which have lost all audibility of snap crackle and pop. You however can still make a noise. Just like the writer of this show. Cry, applaud, react whichever way sees fit, but most of all inspire yourself to make ripples in the doldrums of disillusionment that you inhabit.

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